Le Piume del Colibrì took shape in the summer of 2011 during a transition between working in Milan and a return to Ascoli Piceno. It is here, among the hills, old tailor’s shops, and in a tiny rented apartment that an idea for a new brand was born. The studio is dedicated to creating original, limited-edition items, uniting craftsmanship and design, tradition and experimentation, pencil and fabric.
Le Piume del Colibrì follows the formidable path of “100% made in Italy”, bringing together a staff of sartorial expertise, quality fabrics, and research.
Every collection is therefore handmade and unique, designed for use and not consumption. Each item follows the body wearing it rather than vice versa because for Eleonora, fashion should carry us through the world, hold us, and never condition us or be overbearing. Those who come into contact with her work can tell you that her clothes have a profound connection with those who wear them.In 2016, a profound personal crisis (yes, because this also happens) gave life to a new side project, GOD SAVE Le Piume del Colibrì. This entirely handmade line primarily uses material remaining from Le Piume del Colibrì fabric products. Bags, clutches, and accessories are created by tapping into a mix of vintage, ethnic, and pop from our fabric archives. This interesting combination of materials and styles breathes life into a project that thrives on its own energy and reinvents itself each season, independent from mass trends.

Eleonora Cruciani was born in 1981 in San Benedetto del Tronto, in the Province of Ascoli Piceno, Italy, and, after majoring in “Modern Film History and Criticism”, turned her passion and family tradition—design and fabric—into a job. She studied Fashion Design in Milan, where she immediately began to work with prestigious fashion houses. Eleonora then returned to Ascoli Piceno, and found the courage and inspiration to finally give life to a brand all her own.